Trendelenburg Positioners

From our innovative, patent-pending Wingpad design that offers built in arm and hand protection, to our straight pads with and without separate arm protection, Soule Medical is your one-stop source for Trendelenburg positioning.

Our advanced trendelenburg positioning kits mold to the patient's body, providing stability, pressure reduction, and most importantly prevents patient slipping without putting pressure on the head, neck, or shoulders.  Set up is quick and easy, saving valuable time in the operating room.

Product Details:

  • More style options than any other competitor
  • Standard and NuBlue Foam options available
  • Superior pressure reduction and hot spot mitigation
  • Styles with and without built in arm protection
  • Faster set up than traditional methods
  • Ideal for any procedure where trendelenburg positioning is needed
  • Offers significant cost savings when compared to the competition
  • Single use 
  • Latex Free

Our trendelenburg kits, both eggcrate and NuBlue styles offer superior pressure reduction over our competitor’s memory foam style kits, reducing the risk of pressure related injuries.

The Pressure Test:

  • 68% Pressure Reduction vs. No Padding
  • 26% Greater Pressure Reduction vs. the Competition.

Our design also prevents the potential of brachial plexus nerve injuries that may occur with outdated forms of Trendelenburg positioning (should braces, bean bags, tape, etc.).

Pressure mapping conducted by Tekscan Inc.  Soule Medical trendelenburg pad test - Sensor#5400N. Sensor was placed on a hard, flat surface table. Test pads were placed on the sensor. The same subject layed in the supine position on each pad for data collection.