Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you need a sample of any disposable product, just let us know.

We do not typically send samples of reusable products due to the cost, but we can offer return options as long as the products have not been used on a patient.

In most cases, yes.   

Providing you with disposable foam, and vinyl-covered product samples is typically an easy process.  We will ask for specific dimension, or a sample of a current product, if available.  Our design team will create a drawing for your facility to approve and sign-off on before manufacturing.   Since we are a manufacturer, we can usually turn these around in 7-14 business days, and do not charge an extra "custom" fee like most companies.

Gel products are a little more difficult due to the cost of molds.  Non-molded products such as overlays can typically be made in custom thicknesses and dimensions.

MicroArmor products - While this can be accommodated, due to the cost and set up time to coat the products, a minimum order quantity may be required.