Horseshoe Head Donut

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Soule Medical's reusable gel products are made with a high quality, medical-grade polymer gel.

The Horseshoe Head Donut is designed to protect and cradle the patient's head when patient's are in a lateral or prone position with the head turned to the side.

Product Details:

  • Multiple sizes available
  • Reduces risk of pressure related injures
  • Soft and durable
  • Reusable
  • Radiolucent
Photos SKU Desc Qty  
RG 2170 Adult (8" Diameter X 2"H) 1 / EACH
RG 2175 Pediatric (6"Diameter x 1.25"H) 1 / EACH
RG 2165 Neonatal (3.25" Diameter x .75"H) 1 / EACH

Adult (8" Diameter X 2"H)

SKU:  RG 2170

Qty:  1 / EACH

Pediatric (6"Diameter x 1.25"H)

SKU:  RG 2175

Qty:  1 / EACH

Neonatal (3.25" Diameter x .75"H)

SKU:  RG 2165

Qty:  1 / EACH